Sigma Ad Campaign and Photos

Over the last year I have had the honor of working with Sigma Corporation of America and Sigma Corporation of Japan, producing two separate AD campaigns for them for the 18-250mm lens and the 18-250mm Macro Lens. Both Ad campaigns were featured both online on the homepage of www.Sigmaphoto.com, on their blog, as well as in print in the May 2012 issues of Popular Photography magazine and Parenting Magazine. Here is a slideshow of the images and the ways in which they were used:

Sigma - Images by Walter Arnold
Shooting images like these for the Ads was a very exciting experience for me. It's very inspiring to be approached for a very specific type of image but still have unlimited creativity with regards to the final end result. Sigma has been a wonderful company to work with producing these images and given the fact that I use many of their lenses to begin with, it's quite the honor to have them call on me to produce imagery for them!
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